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Throughout dōTERRA’s 10 years of progress, we have made several landmarks that impacted our field and set us apart as leaders in Essential Oil science. Whether you’ve been with us through the years or are just joining our global community, you may be surprised to learn how much goes on behind the scenes in dōTERRA Science.

In 2009:

dōTERRA establishes the CPTG® testing process, the highest standard in the Essential Oil industry.

Nicole Stevens, MS, becomes dōTERRA’s first research partner.

In 2010:

Our first study is published in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine showing the effectiveness of the dōTERRA On Guard® blend in supporting the immune system.

dōTERRA partners with a major research university for an Essential Oil pilot study, where, for the first time, Essential Oils are diffused in a hospital setting to support staff satisfaction and patient care.

In 2011:

The Medical Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board are formed. These are composed of physicians, scientists, and leading Essential Oil experts.

In 2012:

dōTERRA partners with a continuing care retirement community located in Augusta, Georgia, called Brandon Wilde. The first volunteer program and pilot study regarding the AromaTouch® Hand Technique is initiated to determine the benefits on residents.

In 2013:

dōTERRA scientists perform an on-site human clinical trial to study the benefits of the dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®. The peer-reviewed study was published in 2017.

In 2014:

Through one of dōTERRA’s most prominent research partnerships, we became the first to have all of our Essential Oils and blends studied against various microorganisms.

dōTERRA is the first Essential Oil company to team up with BioSeek and study all dōTERRA oils and the biomarkers they associate with in the human genome, which contains about 20,000 genes. This was a tremendous undertaking that generated extensive data and several peer-reviewed publications.

In 2015:

After collaborating with dōTERRA as a research partner for several years, Nicole Stevens, MS, joins our Research and Development department as the Managing Scientist of Essential Oils.

In 2017:

Clinical research on dōTERRA Serenity® Restful Complex softgels and their positive impact on sleep is published in the peer-reviewed journal Cogent Medicine.

dōTERRA publishes 17 peer-reviewed research studies on Essential Oils.

dōTERRA helps facilitate the inaugural Essential Oil Symposium for Medical Professionals in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 2018:

dōTERRA became the first Essential Oil company to use molecular docking and computer-aided discovery techniques in Essential Oil research.


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