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MOLECULAR DOCKING is an “in silico” tool of discovery, used to characterize interactions between two molecules. When the term “in silico” is used to describe a scientific process, it simply means that it is accomplished via computer simulation.

Molecular docking and computer-aided discovery are hugely beneficial to the scientific community, offering a time-and-cost-effective way to assess how molecules will interact with one another. This is an especially useful tool in evaluating how molecules might behave before assessing them in cultured cells or in a living organism.

Molecular docking in Essential Oil research involves the use of special programs and parameters designed to characterize the interactions between Essential Oil constituents and protein targets inside the cell. With these programs, dōTERRA researchers are able to gain a clearer understanding of what Essential Oils do by observing how they possibly interact with their protein targets.
dōTERRA continues to set the precedent for innovation and science in the Essential Oil industry. dōTERRA scientists are currently working on several molecular docking projects and preparing to share the results with the scientific community, and you, by adding to their growing list of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Although there’s still a lot of investigation ahead, molecular docking and other research methods are helping dōTERRA piece together the complex scientific puzzle of the profound Essential Oil experience.

The knowledge gained from these studies not only will advance our overall understanding of Essential Oils, but may also help us further prove the unmatched efficacy, purity, and quality of CPTG® oils and assist in future product formulation.


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